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Hi, I’m Dan Erving and I want to welcome you to my site! Me and my experienced contributors share the same passion for food, and we have a lot of great culinary content to share with you that we’re really excited about.

What is CornerCooks.com?

CornerCooks.com is a website dedicated to publishing insightful, interesting, and useful articles about all things related to cooking. From delicious recipes, to topics on wine and coffee, we discuss everything that falls under the umbrella of culinary arts. We are food connoisseurs, aficionados, foodies, whatever you want to call it, we love food!

What is Our Mission?

We hope to provide each of our readers with a new understanding or appreciation of something in the culinary arts. We provide recipes and discuss cooking techniques to help people who love to cook get some fresh ideas. We hope that each of our entries is successful is fostering enthusiasm for cooking and enjoying a wide variety of different foods and beverages. We want to share our love for preparing and eatingfood with the world, and help more people every day to discover some of the hidden gems or useful secrets in the glorious world of food.

What Do We Write About?

On CornerCooks.com, we give you the inside scoop on what to make, taste, or try that will impress your houseguests and make their taste buds rejoice. If you like to cook, try our delicious handpicked recipes and make a meal that will win everyone over at the dinner table. Thanks for visiting CornerCooks.com!